The Antarctican Empire

a cold, cold war

a novel by Ante Kr.

(available as e-book)


Twins Ivan and Georgiy Kriukov have announced that with their innovative geological exploration plant, they discovered a significant gas deposits on Antarctica. With this act they began with the public part of their secret plan in which the southernmost continent becomes their property, and at the same time the new world superpower.

Journalist Jeanne Befort is introduced to the extended family of the powerful oligarchs, suspecting that behind the dull information that Kriukovs were releasing to the public lies a much more interesting story. Beginning her investigation, Jeanne soon finds out why twins are obsessed with Antarctica. She also learns that any similarity between the twins is purely superficial. But – just like with Antarctica – what lies beneath the surface is much more important...

In the above summary, I tried to briefly present my first novel - a combination of adventure and action with elements of science fiction.

As I mentioned on the home page, my interest for the southernmost continent began when I saw a map with a cross-section. This view reveals much more than the floor plan, as it reveals that the continent is covered with a layer of ice with an average thickness of more than seven thousand feet.

I began to think about what could be done with such a structure and began developing ideas... But as I am not a billionaire, the story remains in my imagination. The story in which Antarctica becomes an unprecedented stage for events the whole world will follow.

I invite you to head to the far south of the planet. Reading, you will get to know the mysterious continent I would say plays the main role in this story.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Ante Kr.


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